How We Source Voice Over Talent

We like to compare Voiceoverly to the startup TopTal. They provide businesses with freelancers only from the top 3%.

Voiceoverly does the same thing for productions companies, TV networks, business owners, and anyone seeking a professional voice over. We have built a large database of voice over talent that can deliver for the spectrum of job requests we receive. Most of our top talent has come from our direct scouting efforts, but we are always on the lookout for the next great voice to keep our talent roster diverse, yet also lean so all of our voice actors get consistent work.

If you are a professional voice over artist with multiple demo reels, please submit your information in the form at the bottom of this page.


How You Get Paid

Unlike pay to play voiceover marketplaces, Voiceoverly is free to join for talent. Unlike talent agencies that collect money for voice over artists, take their cut, then pay their clients typically over a month later… we are putting our trust with you the talent. We have built up a database of talent that has delivered again and again for both union and non-union voice over jobs. Why should we step in on our talent’s business transactions and contracts with productions companies, TV networks, business owners, etc. 

All payment terms are negotiated between the talent and the client. You as the talent will be paid directly by the company/person hiring you for your voice over work. 


Talent Submission

Submit your voice over information below. We review all submissions and will let you know if you will be added to our talent database for future casting emails.